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GB-190804838-A: Improvements relating to Means for Damping the Rolling of Ships. patent, GB-190805953-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Drying Tea-leaf, or other Produce. patent, GB-190806085-A: Improvements in and relating to Roller Mills and Milling. patent, GB-190806654-A: Improvements in and relating to the Firing Gear of Ordnance. patent, GB-190807473-A: Improvements in Airtight or Lined Trunks, Boxes, Chests or like Receptacles patent, GB-190807508-A: Improvements in or relating to Galvanising Pipes, Bar-shaped Bodies or the like patent, GB-190807537-A: Improvements in and connected with Machinery for Distributing Farm-yard Manure in Drills or in Rows. patent, GB-190808416-A: Improvements in and relating to Incandescent Filaments for Electric Incandescent Lamps. patent, GB-190809030-A: Improvements in Wheels for Vehicles. patent, GB-190809207-A: Improvements in or relating to Filters. patent, GB-190809299-A: Improvements in Air-tight Tins. patent, GB-190809330-A: An Improved Elastic Tyre. patent, GB-190810008-A: Improved Device for Stopping Railway Engines by Signalmen in Time of Danger. patent, GB-190812684-A: Improvements in and relating to Electromagnetic Relays, especially applicable to the Control of Electric Motors. patent, GB-190813109-A: Refrigerating Machine. patent, GB-190813759-A: Improvements in Fluid-actuated Rock-drilling and other Percussive Machines. patent, GB-190813861-A: Improvements in Air Compressors or Pumps. patent, GB-190814917-A: Improvements in or connected with Earth Closets. patent, GB-190815746-A: Improvements in Long Distance Lighting patent, GB-190816553-A: Improvements in or connected with Burglar or like Alarms. patent, GB-190820095-A: Improved Aerial Toy. patent, GB-190821284-A: Improvements in Calculators. patent, GB-190821848-A: Improvements in or relating to the Propulsion of Ships and other Vessels. patent, GB-190823129-A: Improvements relating to Aerial Machines. patent, GB-190824467-A: Improvements in Electro-galvanising Apparatus specially applicable for Galvanizing Rods, Tubes, or the like. patent, GB-190825232-A: Improvements in and connected with Condensers, Coolers, Heaters, Evaporators, and the like. patent, GB-190825529-A: Improvements in Micrometer Gauges. patent, GB-190827189-A: Improvements in and relating to the Method of Fixing Gear Cases to Cycles. patent, GB-190827722-A: Improvements in Lathe Dogs or Carriers. patent, GB-190827776-A: Process for the Manufacture of Artificial Stone Slabs from Fibrous Material and Hydraulic Binding Substances. patent, GB-190901656-A: Improvements in Balancing and Steering Aeroplanes and the like. patent, GB-190903589-A: Apparatus for Indicating and Recording Speed Distance and Petrol Consumption for use with Motor Cars and the like. patent, GB-190904013-A: An Improved Suction Valve for Internal Combustion Engines and the like. patent, GB-190905841-A: Improvements in and relating to Sideboards Combined with American Organs or like Musical Instruments. patent, GB-190906518-A: Improvements in or relating to Hubs for Carriage Wheels. patent, GB-190907197-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Silica Bricks and Ganister. patent, GB-190907564-A: Improvements in Railway Hopper and other Discharge Wagons. patent, GB-190910533-A: An Improvement in Apparatus for Ascertaining the Acuteness of Vision. patent, GB-190910735-A: Improvements in Reels for use in connection with Winding Yarn. patent, GB-190910892-A: Improvements in Apparatus and Appliances for Automatically Applying a Brake, and Shutting Off Motive Power, at Stated Speeds applicable to Motor Cars and other Vehicles. patent, GB-190911009-A: Improvements in or relating to Surgical Trusses. patent, GB-190912565-A: Improved Process for Extracting Copper from Copper Residues. patent, GB-190912719-A: Improvements in and relating to Smithy Hearths and the Utilisation of Waste Heat therefrom. patent, GB-190912721-A: An Improved Self-driving Compressed-air Engine for Cycles and the like. patent, GB-190913585-A: An Improved Machine for Thinning Turnips and for similar Purposes. patent, GB-190914027-A: Improvements in the Reinforcement of Concrete. patent, GB-190914141-A: Improvements in Pipe-cores and Methods of Making the same. patent, GB-190914755-A: Improvements in Bearings for Rotating Bodies. patent, GB-190915417-A: Process for Producing Substitutes for Lithographic Stones or Metal Plates. patent, GB-190915501-A: Improvements in Marine Sounding Leads. patent, GB-190916087-A: Improvements in or relating to Tanning Apparatus. patent, GB-190916104-A: Improvements appertaining to Pistons for Steam, Internal Combustion and other Engines. patent, GB-190916676-A: Improvements in the Inking Devices of Platen Printing Presses. patent, GB-190917032-A: Improvements in Water-tube Boilers. patent, GB-190918616-A: Improvements in and relating to Means for Indicating the Striking Force of Golf Clubs and the like. patent, GB-190920148-A: Improvements in or relating to Change Speed and Reversing Gear. patent, GB-190920182-A: Means for Preventing the Overwinding of Pit Cages. patent, GB-190921296-A: Improvements in Spectacle Frames. patent, GB-190921561-A: Improvements in or relating to the Front Ends, Stacks, and Draught Appliances of Steam Boilers. patent, GB-190924482-A: Improved Apparatus for Sharpening the Knives of Chaff Cutters. patent, GB-190924591-A: Improvements in Time-controlled Coin Operated Locking Device for Typewriters. patent, GB-190925924-A: Improvements in Alarms for Level Crossings. patent, GB-190927933-A: Wrenches. patent, GB-190929411-A: Improvements in Electrical Heating Apparatus. patent, GB-190930126-A: Improvements in or in connection with Automatic Rotary Coal Tipplers. patent, GB-191000263-A: Improved Internal Combustion Engines. patent, GB-191001796-A: Improvements in and relating to Glass Enclosures. patent, GB-191002838-A: Improvements in or relating to Axle-boxes for Vehicles. patent, GB-191002907-A: Improvements relating to Gradually Variable Speed Gears. patent, GB-191004903-A: A Process for Manufacturing Knives, Forks and similar Articles. patent, GB-191005664-A: Improvements in Machines for Tentering and Drying Fabrics. patent, GB-191005-A: Improved apparatus for absorbing gases or vapours by means of charcoal patent, GB-191006795-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Cooling or Pasteurizing Milk and Cream. patent, GB-191006888-A: Improvements in or connected with Puttee Gaiters. patent, GB-191007292-A: Improvements in Electric Frequency Converters. patent, GB-191009543-A: Device for Indicating the Presence of Fire Damp by Means of a Selenium Cell and a Safety Lamp. patent, GB-191012030-A: Improvements in or relating to Cutting-out Dies. patent, GB-191013630-A: Improvements in Steam Separators. patent, GB-191014281-A: Improvements in the Manufacture and Production of Substances resembling Caoutchouc. patent, GB-191014796-A: Improved Means of Securing Indiarubber Tyres to the Wheels of Motor and other Vehicles. patent, GB-191016997-A: Electric Speed Regulation of Machines. patent, GB-191017078-A: Improved Process of Working Internal Combustion Motors. patent, GB-191019248-A: Improvements in and relating to Cots, Beds and the like. patent, GB-191020348-A: An Improvement in Collapsible Air-containers for use as Folding Boats Life-belts and Life-buoys. patent, GB-191021356-A: Improvements in Fittings for Wind Screens for Motor Vehicles. patent, GB-191022696-A: Improvements in Kneading Apparatus. patent, GB-191023840-A: Improvements in or relating to Pattern or Record Strip Typographical-Composing Machines. patent, GB-191024727-A: An Improved Resilient Wheel for Vehicles. patent, GB-191025371-A: Methods of and the Means for the Electric Lighting of Pictures, Works of Art, and the like. patent, GB-191027482-A: Improvements in and relating to Processes for Photo mechanical Redproduction. patent, GB-191028925-A: Improvements in Evaporating Apparatus. patent, GB-191029462-A: Improvements in Aiming and Firing Devices for Ship's Guns. patent, GB-191029463-A: Improvements in and relating to Automatic Electric Heat Control. patent, GB-191029883-A: Improvements in Elastic Wheels. patent, GB-191030054-A: Improvements in Automatic Feeder Regulators for Regulating the Voltage of Alternating Current, Single, or Polyphase Circuits. patent, GB-191100752-A: Improvements in Chocolate Grinding Machines. patent, GB-191101421-A: Improvements relating to the Admission of Combustible Mixture to and the Exhaust from the Cylinders of Internal Combustion Engines. patent, GB-191101457-A: Improvements in and relating to a Method of Making Coats for Personal Wear. patent, GB-191101880-A: An Improved Method of Hermetically Sealing Electrical Conductors Through or Into Hard Vitreous Substances. patent, GB-191101898-A: An Improved Automatic Extra Air Inlet Valve for Internal Combustion Engines. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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